Upcoming Basic Obedience Classes
*Class at Eglin AFB begins October 5, 2021

​*Class at Eglin AFB begins October 13, 2021

Basic Obedience Class is for older pups (over 4 months of age) and adult dogs.  Dogs learn the basic obedience commands and good dog manners and individual behavioral problems are addressed. And we have a lot of fun doing it!

Basic Obedience
Course Outline

  • Week 1:        Orientation meeting; discuss training methods/philosophy; training equipment; review immunization records.  
  • Week 2:          Fitting and using the equipment; teaching “Watch me!” eye contact, focusing the dog’s attention; teaching “Leave it!”; teaching “Sit” and “Sit/Stay”; teaching “Down” and “Down/Stay”; identifying and solving specific behavioral problems.
  • Week 3:          Review Week 2 lessons; teaching “Heel” with auto sit; teaching “Heel” with about-face turns.
  • Week 4:          Review Week 2 and 3 lessons; teaching “Heel” with turns; teaching “Recall” (Part 1-come when called).
  • Week 5:          Review Week 2 - 4 lessons; continue teaching “Heel” with turns;  teaching “Recall (Part 2- front and finish);   Evaluate dogs; graduate!

*Class Size:  Maximum of 10 dogs.
*Classes meet for five weeks. Parents ONLY at first class meeting.
*Please bring the dog’s current immunization record to the first class meeting.
*Sign-up and payment is through Eglin AFB Outdoor Rec Services

Call 882-5058 to sign up.